Five Home Decor ideas on Instagram You Should Know About

Home Decor ideas on Instagram

If you’re extremely passionate about home decor ideas and are always looking for inspirations, you’ll surely know that Instagram is the best resource around. There are plenty of designers and home décor enthusiasts who run popular accounts in Instagram and are widely talked about on the Web. And then there are those who are probably more creative but who don’t get noticed as often.

Home Decor Ideas on Instagram

Here are five home décor ideas on Instagram that you must follow but who probably are not as famous as others.


If vintage décor is your style, then you cannot afford to miss this account. Seriously, this account is totally dope. ArieneBethea is the brain behind this account which is more than a spot for getting amazing home decor ideas. Ariene is also an entrepreneur so if you see something you like on her account, you might be able to buy it too. Ariene’s stream features vintage décor pieces including metalware, paintings, and furniture. My personal favorites are the vintage travel bag and the life-size Chinese terracotta statue, but sadly they are not for sale. Ariene caters to different tastes, whether you prefer a muted theme or all-out bling you’ll certainly find something to your liking on this account.

Rosie Case’s account showcases her very spacious home and the interesting ways in which she decorates it. The first thing one notices is the wide use of white in almost everything—from the furniture to the walls and even the accessories. Rosie also likes to bring in the outdoors into her home and incorporates a lot of natural lighting in her photographs. There’s also a lot of ideas to take home for animal lovers as Rosie’s account shows interesting ways to incorporate animal-themed prints, accessories and artwork into the living space. Even though there are certain things you come to expect if you visit her account regularly, it is not easy to describe her style in a nutshell. That is what makes her so intriguing.


Sarah Jacobson is a woman on a mission and her account is testament to her ambitious home renovation project. Her account features her current project which basically captures the way in which she continues to transform her New York pre-war apartment into an uber-cool, modern living space. Sarah likes to keep things light and white seems to be her color of choice. Her work is also the most inspiring because she has a hands-on approach to home décor and renovation.


Sabrina Smelko is a professional designer and that shows in her work. This is no ordinary home décor enthusiast but a professional designer with loads of experience. She’s about to come up with her own show on HGTV where we’ll get to watch her perform exciting home makeovers. Sabrina is very serious about her work and you’ll see that she leaves no stone unturned to explain clearly how to execute a certain project. Yet, her personal style in the way she styles her home is effortless and natural. This lass is clearly passionate about her work and nobody comes close. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s extremely cute and has an adorable dog that features in some of the pictures.


On this account, you’ll get to see how James Kivior styles his home in Queens, New York. The overall vibe of his home comes across as masculine with an obvious tilt towards all things masculine and classic. One of the most eye-catching objects in his home is a taxidermy alligator. In terms of color, James prefer dark tones with black and brown featuring as the predominant tones in his house. James also has a taste for the exotic as well as for antiques, and you’ll find decorative objects and furnishings reflecting his taste around the house. The best part about this account is that you know what to expect, and yet there is always something new to get inspired by.

So there you are—our pick of the five best home décor ideas on Instagram that you should follow. Be sure to visit these five happening creative designers and pick your favorite ideas to get inspired. Happy decorating and keep strengthening the community.

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