10 Must-See Blogs for Interior Design Ideas


Whether you’re interested in designing your own house, getting the latest accessories and furnishings, or simply making your house a cozy retreat for your loved ones, the interior design blogs has plenty of ideas to help you.

Interior Design Blogs

Here, we’ve put together the 10 best blogs that should be parked permanently in your browser’s Favorites folder.

1. Style by Emily Henderson

Hardly a person can claim to be an interior design enthusiast and not have heard of Emily Henderson. This uber-talented and successful stylist and designer offers her very own design tips and tricks on her blog Style. You’ll get to know about the best stores for home décor shopping as well as the latest styles and trends currently in vogue.

2. Lark & Linen

Another Canada-based interior designer blog, Toronto to be precise, Jacquelyn Clark features her most recent works on her blog Lark & Linen. It is an excellent resource for DIY enthusiasts because it offers a treasure trove of ideas and simple tutorials to make fancy, creative beddings for your bedroom. As a much-desired bonus, you also get lots of mouthwatering recipes and a sneak peek into the designer’s daily life.

3. Coco Kelley

Popular blogger Cassandra LaValle owns the blog Coco Kelley where she treats visitors to features and articles on the latest happenings in food, travel and interior design. If you’re looking to revamp your home interiors with a new look, then stopping over at Coco Kelley is a must. There are tons of refreshing ideas and images on how you can give your interiors a whole new feel. Even if you haven’t got anything planned yet, this blog will give you loads of ideas to get those wheels turning.

4. Amber Interiors

This blog is owned by Amber Lewis, a designer based in Los Angeles where she owns her own studio. This is an excellent blog to check up on the latest trends from the interior design industry. Her style offers a strong focus on textiles and bohemian vibes. So if you want to design your house with a lot of fabric-themed accessories such as cushions, curtains, rugs, etc. this is one blog you definitely should not miss.

5. Eye-Swoon

This one is for those who love to invite guests over and give them a good time. The most important aspect of being a good host is to set a good table that makes for efficient and relaxed dining. Athena Calderone, who owns Eye-Swoon, is a creative genius at coming up with new ideas for table setting and also for new recipes. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, this blog will give you plenty of breathtaking ideas to make your dining table presentable.

6. Savvy Home

Montreal-based designer Gabrielle Savoie is the brainchild behind the popular blog Savvy Home. This blog features everything a home décor lover is looking for. The blog features regular shopping hauls and home tours where you can get loads of ideas for making your own house trendy and beautiful. The blog also features tutorials to help you get the same professional look at a fraction of the cost.

7. Old Brand New

An ace photographer, professional art director and graphic designer rolled into one, Dabito is a blogger not to be missed. Old Brand New is his blog where he features all of his latest creative works, giving you tons of ideas for your own designing. When you visit his blog, remember to go through his DIY projects that will give you major DIY goals of your own.

8. Wit + Delight

A highly successful interior consultant, Kate Arends is a popular blogger with her own blog Wit + Delight. Her trademark style features elegance and comfort so that even regular people can get inspired from her style to make their own creations. On this blog, you’ll get frequent roundups of the most current design and home décor trends in the market, the latest products to shop for, as well as ideas for interior decoration.

9. Coco Lapine Design

Sarah Van Peteghem is a successful designer whose blog Coco Lapine Design has become a bit of a sensation, to say the least. Her personal design style is minimalistic and contemporary which makes it practical and simple for regular people. On her blog, she takes you through tours of homes that she has designed or even those that inspire her. Follow her on these tours for an equally inspiring experience.

10. Apartment 34

Apartment 34 is a blog made by Erin Hiemstra and it seems to be a one-stop site for all your homemaking needs. Whether you want ideas and tips for home décor, shopping, beauty, fashion or travel, you can be sure of finding something useful or inspirational at Apartment 34. A big advantage of visiting this blog regularly is that you get the opportunity to refine your own taste and approach to design by viewing the creations of an evolved aesthete.

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