5 Simple Tips to Make Your House Attractive on the Housing Market

Increase Housing Market Value

If you’re planning to sell your house, you’re probably harvesting the biggest investment of your life. Hence, you need to pull all stops to make sure that you get the best bargain for your house. Often times, people are unaware of problems while living in their house that can make their home appear less attractive on the housing market. Getting feedback from a friend or seeking advice from a professional real estate agent can help you identify potential problems that can be addressed in time before you sell the house.

Increase Housing Market Value

Here are five basic things you should focus on in order to increase the value of your home before you put in on the housing market.

Repair Structural Damage

While aesthetics play an important part in increasing the housing market value of your house, sensible agents and homebuyers focus on structural issues, especially when looking at older houses. What’s more, you cannot pad over any structural flaws in the foundation or roof of your house as these will become evident in the inspection report and be a deal-breaker. You can avoid this risk by getting a thorough professional inspection of your house to identify any lurking problems with the roof and foundation. Get these repaired in time and you’ll see that this investment will bring you a good return in the form of the market price.

External Repairs

First impressions make final impressions. Make sure that your house looks strong, clean and cared for on the outside. Prospective homebuyers will be put off the moment they lay their eyes on moldy walls and crumbling facades. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint to make your house look younger and more attractive. Stay conservative when choosing colors as it will make your house look appealing to most homebuyers and agents.

Remember to look for any damage to the walls. Over time, gaps can appear in brick walls that you should fill with concrete filling. Weatherboard walls might have some damaged panels that you will need to get replaced. These repairs might seem trivial but they can dramatically increase the appeal of your house.

Check the Flooring

Flooring is an important aspect of any house on the market because it is a very visible part of the house and is costly to repair. Whether you have hardwood flooring or carpets in your house, homebuyers would expect it to be clean, durable and easy to maintain. If your carpets appear dirty, you can make them look fresh again by having them dry cleaned. If they are beyond hope, then you should have them replaced with new ones. If you have a hardwood floor and it has a weary appearance, you can simply get it waxed and polished to give it a shiny, clean look.

Upgrading the Kitchen and Bathrooms

For many prospective homeowners, clean, efficient and hassle-free kitchens and bathrooms are a blessing. You can make your house an attractive buy if you invest in some good kitchen and bathroom upgrades with modern fixtures, floorings, lighting and accessories. Remember not to overdo it since not all homebuyers will want to pay for fancy fixtures.

For kitchen upgrades, think about a new, functional countertop or island. Replace rusty, leaking, worn-out taps with new ones. Get in new cupboards and countertops in durable materials. If you have fitted-in appliances such as a microwave oven or dishwasher, get them fixed for any minor operational issues.

Coming to the bathroom, remember to go in for low-cost repairs that will give a greater return in terms of the market value of your house. Focus on functional issues such as repairing leaking faucets and pipes, and other plumbing issues. Replace old exhaust fans and do a thorough cleaning of the tiles to get rid of grout and hard water stains.


The yard is the part of the house homebuyers will see even before they’ve stepped in the door. So make sure your front yard is beautiful, clean and well-maintained. Many people are opting for a healthier, outdoors lifestyle and like to spend time in the front yard. Entertaining guests in the yard is also becoming a common trend.

You don’t need to hire a professional designer and spend thousands to make your yard look like a Hollywood celebrity’s fancy lawn. Focus on the basics like getting rid of weeds, unhealthy and dead plants. You can replace the soil bedding and get some trendy shrubs to keep your front yard with the times. A small rock garden or walkway can also make your yard look attractive. You can do this by reusing and recycling things like old furniture and baskets from the house. Focused lighting also helps to make the yard a liveable space.

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