Ten Outstanding Companies We Should Watch Out For

Outstanding Companies

Recent trends indicate that the outstanding companies that have managed to cut through the clutter are those that offer exceptional service or a revolutionary technology.

Ten Outstanding Companies

Here are 10 companies that succeeded in the past year and might surprise us even more in the future.

1. Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen promises to be the virtual mecca for the visual arts and design industry. By focusing on new talent in these fields, the company uses its experienced team of editors and industry experts to identify upcoming talent and promoting them through pop-up ventures, exhibitions and various other events. Most of these events have been successful and scores of young artists have become part of the industry through this service.

2. Celmatix

If there is one company that could revolutionize the medical industry, it is Celmatix. Founded in 2009, the company delivers personalized and focused medical information to women on a variety of health issues, including fertility. A leader in reproductive medicine, this company has mastered the art of using data to predict infertility and also to identify potentially effective fertility treatments for clients.

3. Enjoy

Enjoy is an online store that sells electronics products to consumers. The value added to this is that the company also offers free setup for individual consumers in addition to rapid delivery times and product demos. This has made the company popular with consumers who are wary of the latest gadgets and would benefit from professional support in learning how to use these products.

4. Magic Leap

Based in the United States, Magic Leap is an exciting tech company that has come up with a new head-mounted product that blends CGI with real images. The core of the technology is a technique by which a digital field of light is directed into the eye of the wearer. The company has been attracting media attention and funding from around the world including China. It is expected that the company will become a big player in the tech industry once the technology is launched commercially.

5. Wooter

Wooter is an innovative company that helps to bring sports venues and those who want to use their facilities together on a single platform. The services are delivered by the Wooter app that makes things simpler and more efficient for sports league organizers, coaches and professional players. They can book venues easily and also provides informative videos, sports-related data and articles to help players and coaches improve their performance.

6. Fundera

Fudnera was launched in 2014 and is a lending company that focuses on helping small businesses apply for loans to several online lenders at the same time. Through this service model, the company aims to reduce the business costs for small companies when they go to obtain financing, as opposed to submitting a separate application with each lender. It has been celebrated in the American media for being one of the most exciting companies to watch out for.

7. The Ocean Cleanup

When it comes to environmental conservation, few companies have made as big an impact in recent times as The Ocean Cleanup. In operation since 2013, this Dutch company has introduced new technologies to remove plastic bags and other pollutants from our oceans. In 2014, it attracted funding of $2 million which has used to launch projects such as Kaisei that have used large nets to trap and remove plastic bags and other objects from the oceans. It is currently working to clear a large patch in the Pacific Ocean from plastic bags which it hopes to complete by 2020.

8. Sidewire

Sidewire is a news app that offers current market insights on all iOS smartphones. The app has been around since 2012 and has been hailed as the most efficient hotline for delivering political news to consumers. Who are these consumers? Election candidates, their campaign managers and political analysts. The app analyses scores of news stories round the clock to select the most relevant political news stories that could affect their election prospects.

9. Mercaris

While organic fruits and vegetables have witnessed a dramatic increase in demand in recent years, the increase in supply has been unable to keep pace. This is where Mercaris steps in. this company is a unique data analysis company that makes use of current and projected market data to inform organic farmers about the prices of various crops. This information serves as a guide to help farmers match crop volumes to future demand. This company could play a major role in helping organic foods reach consumers more efficiently.

10. Amass Restaurant

Amass is a restaurant in Denmark that has found an innovative business model to reduce food wastage. All the products are grown in the restaurant’s own kitchen garden. The best part about this restaurant is that it reuses food that would otherwise be thrown away to create fresh, new dishes, for example, by reusing coffee grounds for preparing delicious appetizers. This helps the restaurant become a top company to watch out for as it leads efforts to reduce the problem of garbage disposal that ails the food service industry.

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