5 Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen

Having a big kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. A large, well-organized kitchen is a great place to work creatively, socialize with friends and have meals with the family. There are times when we have to think innovatively to find ways to make our small kitchen seem bigger.

The best way is to keep the  small kitchen well-organized and avoid cluttering the whole place. Kitchens need to be planned well so that separate functional areas can be identified separately. By following this strategy, even the tiniest of kitchens can be a wonderful place to work and find creative satisfaction.

Keep Your Countertop Organized

A good kitchen does not have to be very large. But it should be one that is clean and carefully designed for maximum efficiency. You should not be spending more hours in the kitchen than necessary.

The countertop is the busiest and most frequently used space in the kitchen. Keeping it organized is the best way to improve your productivity in the kitchen. Sadly, many people do not realize this and continue to keep it cluttered with things they don’t really need all the time.

To keep your countertop neat and organized, use it to store only the essentials that you need every day. All other ingredients, appliances and equipment can be moved to higher shelves and cabinets. Keep the stuff on the counter to a bare minimum so you have more space to move around and do all prep work.

Create an Efficient Work Triangle

In the kitchen, the ‘work triangle’ is the space enclosed by the kitchen sink, fridge and cooking area. Most of our time in the kitchen is spent within this work triangle as you move between the three points of the triangle to prepare meals. Therefore, this space needs to be managed carefully to allow space for people, appliances and comfortable working space. The work triangle should be cleared of any additional obstructions such as furniture or appliances that you need to navigate around.

If you have a small work triangle on one side of the kitchen, then installing a small island on the other side can add space for people as well as a work area. For kitchens with a straight layout, the work triangle can be designed by arranging common appliances along the wall opposite the cooking range.

Keep it Functional

Yes, we all need a lot of appliances in the kitchen, but do you really need the fancy new dicer you saw on the shopping channel? Do you need a large grill in your kitchen all the time? Make a list of all non-functional items in your kitchen and stow them away in a closet or cupboard. You can always take them out when you need them. Save space in your kitchen by replacing wooden dining chairs or stools with foldable ones. If you haven’t made waffles or sandwiches since last year, you should move the waffle-maker out of the kitchen.

Visual Space-Creating Techniques

Sometimes your kitchen can look small even with an improved layout. You can make your kitchen feel bigger by playing around with color and lighting. Bright lighting especially under the cabinets and above the work area can make the kitchen look spacious and inviting. Color blocking is another useful technique you can use with the kitchen tiles, wall paint and cabinet door. It helps you draw focus on the more desirable parts of your kitchen stand out. When choosing colors for the wall paint, focus on light colours to create the impression of added space.

Make the Best of it

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, there’s only so much we can do to make our kitchens look bigger. Especially if you live in a rented house or cannot afford expensive remodeling. And there are benefits to a small kitchen as well. You have everything you need within reach and do not need to spend a lot of time and effort in keeping it clean. One good strategy is to invest in kitchen organizers such as a lazy Susan, cabinet shelves, and so on, to keep things accessible and organized within the limited space in your kitchen. These are not really expensive and can be ordered online.

A small kitchen is not necessarily a bad deal. With the current trend towards open kitchens, it can be a blessing to have a separate kitchen in the house. The secret to having a hassle-free experience in the kitchen is to keep it simple and well-organized. Keep it equipped only with the essentials of everyday cooking. All other appliances can be kept in the closet outside the kitchen to be retrieved when required. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you can design the work triangle to increase your efficiency and reduce the time spent in running back and forth between the countertop, fridge and cooking area.

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