Five Secrets of Setting Up a Successful Business in a New City

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Doing successful business in a new city can be intimidating. You need to establish contacts with new suppliers, marketers, distributors and clients. Not to mention becoming acquainted with local business laws. But many people achieve this feat successfully, and so can you.

Setting Up a Successful Business

Follow the five simple steps given below to do successful business in your new city.

1. Send Feelers to Vendors in Advance

Thanks to email and social media, there is no reason why you should wait until you land in a new city before reaching out to suppliers and other vendors out there. You can do this weeks, even months, before you make the actual move. There are several benefits to this. By letting potential vendors know beforehand about your arrival, you’ll generate curiosity about your business and make it easier for them to contact you and discuss future business terms. These potential vendors will also help you become familiar with local business bylaws and regulations that could require you to conduct business operations a little differently than in your old city.

Soon you’ll be ready to place your first order for supplies as soon as you are ready to begin operations in the new city. This can work not just with suppliers but also with distributors, courier services and marketers in the new city. You can do this by getting hold of email listings from an online marketing company or simply creating a social media page and sending invites to local vendors.

2. Begin Marketing ASAP

Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube. There’s practically no dearth of avenues that you can use to begin marketing your business before entering the new city. Building social media viewership through organic means is the best investment you can do because this sets off a domino effect through which your audience increases exponentially.

Display your products through images on Instagram and Pinterest, talk about your services and upload reviews and demos on YouTube. In short, do all it takes to get the message out there to a new potential set of customers. You could even schedule a Meet & Greet with fans and potential clients in the new city a few days after your arrival. In this way, you will be ready to engage with the local market and build relations on a positive note from the get go.

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3. Increase Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a boon for small as well as large business owners. Not because of the savings you can make in terms of doing your own marketing and brand building, but in terms of your ability to reach out to people directly. Invest in your social media presence not just to add more clients or vendors, but also to find friends in the local community who will welcome you and help you develop a social circle.

Social media is a great way to find people with similar interests as you who will understand the challenges you face and will offer information about housing, office space, transportation options, etc. to help you get settled in the new city. The sooner you can do this, the sooner will you be able to start your business.

4. Network, Network, Network

Even if you’ve built a good support system on social media, nothing can replace the presence of a dynamic, close-knit network in the real world. You need people who will be there to guide you and help you deal with everyday challenges of getting your bearings in a completely new environment. These are the people who will help you become familiar with the local registrar and other official procedures necessary to conduct your business in a legal and legitimate manner.

So go out and meet people. Talk to other people conducting businesses in your area and you’ll find that most people will happily offer a helping hand. It might seem intimidating and threatening at first, but all it takes is a simple ‘Hello’ to get things started.

5. Be Prepared

Finally, you need to remind yourself that you are going to start a new business. Act professional and portray that you mean serious business. Once the initial pleasantries are out of the way, exchange business cards with local vendors and potential clients. Be ready with your presentations and portfolios for impromptu business presentations in meetings. Do all the research about local norms and customs about conducting business as well as the major companies you should scout as potential clients in your new city. Initial meetings can rapidly translate into business proposals and your first client order. So being prepared at all times helps.

Moving to a new city is a challenge in itself, but relocating your whole business to a new city is a commendable feat. But every challenge is surmountable provided that you are prepared and optimistic about your prospects. Follow these five tips to get your business running smoothly in no time.

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