5 Top Fashion Design Blogs to Follow

Fashion Design Blogs

Looking trendy and fashionable is no difficult task thanks to all the fashion bloggers who let us know instantly about the latest makeup and fashion trends out there. We help you sift through some of the clutter in the online world to identify five fashion design blogs that you absolutely must follow.

Fashion Design Blogs

1. Hello Fashion

Hello Fashion is a blog that has been around for quite some time. Started in 2011 by Christine Andrew, it is no surprise that the blog continues to attract visitors. One of the reasons could be that Christine is one of the few bloggers to have successfully ventured into vlogging as well. Hello Fashion features some amazingly simple and unique fashion tips from Christine. The blog has different sections to cater to your information and creativity needs.

You’ll find articles on various topics such as beauty, fashion, family, and travel. The blog also has a separate section dedicated entirely to videos featuring tips and recommendations from Christine about hair care, hairstyles, travel tips and Q&As. There’s never a dull moment on this blog since Christine gives it a unique and personal touch by discussing her personal favorites and offering glimpses of her own life in her videos.

2. MyFashDiary

This blog is run by a young blogger out of Dubai, the fashion capital of the Middle East. In her popular blog, Tala Samman takes you through her favorite trends in beauty, fashion, food, and travel. You’ll get to know what’s hot in the UAE fashion scene and what global fashion trends are making a wave in this vibrant part of the world.

Tala adds value to her articles and posts because of her direct interaction with the fashion world. After all, she’s a prominent DJ at the hottest fashion events in the city, allowing her to get the first take on local fashion trends. MyFashDiary has also been nominated in various award categories by prestigious fashion publications of the region. Her influence reaches beyond the Gulf shores since she has collaborated with major fashion brands including Tom Ford and ASOS to name a few.

3. The Daileigh

The popular fashion design blog The Daleigh is run by Ashleigh Hutchinson. On this blog, you’ll get to see reviews and features on the latest trends in fashion design. If you’re looking for trendy new fashion accessories, this blog will tell you what’s in fashion and where to get the best deals.

The best feature of this blog is that it has a section dedicated to ebooks where you can browse through an extensive collection and download ebooks on a variety of topics ranging from fashionable looks, incorporating different prints into your wardrobe, dressing in shorts like a pro, major fashion blunders to avoid, and so on. There’s also a blog section where you can read the latest articles and tips on how to look trendy for the season. If you want to start your own fashion design blog, you’ll get a plethora of ideas and tips for that as well.

4. Style Me Grasie

Style Me Grasie is a trendy fashion blog where popular Dominican actress and blogger Grasie Mercedes shares her fashion secrets and tips. Don’t worry, although Grasie hails from the glamorous world of showbiz, her ideas are aimed at everyday fashion that you can comfortably carry to work and on the street. In addition to fashion, the blog also features articles and tips of home décor, travel and beauty to help you achieve all your lifestyle and personality goals. Her blog also features all the major fashion, home decor and beauty brands so that you can simply hop on to your favorite brand stores at the click of a button.

5. Double3xposure

Reese Blutstein, who prefers to be identified as a style blogger rather than a fashion blogger, is easily identifiable as one of the young guns of the fashion blogosphere. At a very young age, she has amassed more than 75,000 followers on Instagram and is ready to take her blog Double3xposure to the next level of success. Featuring her insights on the hottest style trends and fads on the blog, Reese shows a surprising fascination for elegant and classic styles.

A strong believer in the timelessness of vintage styles, her approach to fashion is also budget-conscious, so if you want to achieve a professional model look with your limited pocket money, then this is one blogger to follow. You’ll be amazed at the amount of creativity that comes across in her designs as she plays with different materials, cuts and styles.

Each of the five blogs featured above offer different perspectives on fashion thanks to the different personalities of the bloggers and their own fashion experiences. Go ahead and get inspired from their ideas. Try out their suggestions and tips but remember to keep your personality in the forefront, always.

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