Common House Moving Trends in 2017

House Moving Trends

On the surface, it would seem that changing house has become a fairly simple task over the past few years, thanks to the emergence of professional moving services and lease options. However, the trends for 2017 suggest a slowdown in moving house among Americans. In this article, we explore the reasons for this and other trends and offer tips to overcome some of the problems associated with house moving.

House moving can be a challenge, both mentally and financially. A recent report shows that apart from the Millennial segment, most Americans have become averse to moving house over the past decade. There are many reasons for this, including the prohibitive expenses of relocating to a different city, or simply house moving.

Tips for House Moving

A useful tip is to get help from family and friends to help with the moving. This type of activity can help to reduce the expenses of moving out in addition to providing an opportunity to bond with people you will be leaning behind.

Another trend that emerged in the report was that cities in the southern part of the country are more attractive destinations for house movers than the traditional hotspots of New York and Washington. Florida and Colorado are the most popular destinations in the United States. If you are planning to move to one of these states, be ready to face competition for the best property and the additional cost of living.

house moving trends

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Don’t Underestimate The Expenses

It was also observed that house movers tend to underestimate the expenses of moving house. Nearly half of the men surveyed for the report and more than half of the women said that the actual costs of moving house were greater than what they had expected. Therefore, it is important to make a realistic assessment of the costs involved prior to relocating, during relocating and the expenses during the period of adjusting and settling down in your new house.

While it makes intuitive sense to move light and take as little belongings with you to your new house, the study results showed that people who moved bag and baggage incurred fewer expenses than those who made a fresh start in the new house. This was because the additional expenses of purchasing furniture, supplies and belongings and their maintenance was a greater burden than people thought.


If planned well and with professional advice, moving house can be an exciting task and opportunity for positive change in your life. We hope these tips will help you plan your house move in a better way.

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